DaCast uses a powerful split player approach to deliver live and on demand video to the widest audience possible. Using HTML5 and Flash technology, broadcasters can reach viewers from desktops or mobiles devices. No need to worry about compatibility and all from the same embed code. This offers broadcast software level utility from the cloud without extra setup

The new DaCast Player API is written entirely in HTML5. It relies on HTML5 video display on modern browsers and Flash in the backend for video display on older browsers.

High-quality, adaptive bitrate video even on platforms that do not have native HLS capability with HDS

The default DaCast Player, Videojs, enables a consistent look and behavior across mobile and desktop devices. The player skin is responsive by default and will automatically resize to fit changing web layouts, while maintaining the aspect ratio of the video.

With instant load and extremely fast time to first frame, viewers are quickly engaged with your video content.

Easily apply a theme from inside your DaCast account. Customization can impact just one player or several. Themes can be associated with content under PUBLISH SETTINGS, and can be changed to different themes at any time. Features include social buttons, colors and more.

If the DaCast API does not offer a feature your need, you can simply extend what's offered by your player of choice with plugins for it. Check our API documentation for more information.

The DaCast player API integrates popular advertising systems including Google Doubleclick, LiveRail, and other advertising solutions. A layer of compatibility is also offered for any VAST2 ad server.

The DaCast player API works with Google Analytics and letsyou connect your players with your Google Analytics account. DaCast also offers a level of integration for 'Live Events' in Google Analytics that let you monitor closely your audience in real-time.